Being aware of your body and what is going on inside of it is really important, especially when it comes to preventing health issues and any complications that might arise from some of them. If you are not sure whether something’s wrong with you, here are a few simple home tests to help you find out more about your overall health and wellbeing. These home tests will give you an opportunity to read the signs your body sends you, as well as help you form a clear idea of what sort of issues you should discuss about with your doctor during your next health check-up.

10 Simple At-Home Health Tests

  1. Test Your Iron Levels by Pushing Your Fingers

This simple test will help you find out whether you have iron deficiency. Hold out one of your hands, and then hold your palm up. Next, push your fingers back and watch how your palm becomes pale. Notice whether the deep lines on your hand also turn pale. If they do, this might mean that you are anemic, probably due to iron deficiency in your diet. Make a blood test to see if you are truly anemic, and if you are, consider increasing your intake of red meat and green leafy vegetables.

  1. Your Eyes Can Tell You Whether Your Cholesterol Levels Are High

Do you have any yellow bumps above or below your eyes? If you do, this might indicate you have increased cholesterol levels. Please have a check-up with your GP as soon as you can.

  1. Are You at Risk of Cancer? Count Your Taste Buds!

By counting the taste buds in this particular tongue area, you can find out if you have an increased risk of cancer. To do this test you will need some blue food coloring and a cotton bud or pad. Put some of the food coloring on the cotton bud or pad and swab your tongue with it. Then, using a magnifying glass, start counting the blue dots near the front part of your tongue. These are actually your taste buds, and if you have more than 20 such blue dots, it means you have great sense of taste.

Unfortunately, this also means that you may have an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Many studies show that vegetables such as cabbage, sprouts, or broccoli can help protect against cancer due to the potent compounds found in them. However, these compounds are bitter and the “supertaster” may find them too intense. For this reason, if you have a super taste, try combining bitter veggies with rice and potatoes to neutralize the taste.

  1. Read a License Plate to Test Your Vision

Is your vision good? Try to read the number plate of a car from a distance of 20 full strides. If you have trouble doing this or there is any blurring or distortion, this might indicate you are not seeing well enough to be legally safe to drive without glasses or contacts.

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