Olive oil has been highly praised as one of world’s healthiest ingredients and home remedies. This has given many companies a chance to profit from its production. However, as it happens very often in the business world, some of these companies were not completely honest about the products they were selling. As research found, seven of the biggest olive oil manufacturers in the US were selling us fake olive oil all this time.

Natural and organic is by far the healthiest form in which we should consume our food and drinks, but these 14 companies defy the sanctity of nature by selling us “fake” products and lying about their content.

Sadly, indeed, 7 of the most highly praised olive oil companies were using cheap tricks to win a place on our shopping list of healthy products.

It has been revealed that nearly 70% of the olive oil sold in stores in the US is not entirely genuine. This is due to the production that often makes use of other cheaper, inferior oils, such as sunflower and canola oils, in order to make greater profits.

Italy faced the same type of fraud with olive oil production, making 85 oil producers shut down their companies as they were deceiving their users by passing off a combination of chlorophyll with sunflower and canola oil as olive oil on the market.

In addition, Australian olive oil brands also didn’t pass the test for quality due to change in taste, thickness and color, and as a result didn’t score the 2012 certificate of approval.

Due to these frauds, the University of California decided to do some research on 124 imported brands of extra virgin olive oil. The results were quite disappointing – over 70% of the samples failed the test.

The following is a list of the brands that sold fake olive oil to consumers around the world. Avoid these brands by all cost!

Fake Olive Oil Brands to Avoid:
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