There are so many types of personality tests that can tell a lot about what type of person you are. This South Korean method can help you learn a lot about yourself and others just by looking at the little finger.

Some of you might find this quite weird and unbelievable, but apparently the shape and length of your little finger can reveal a lot about your type of personality and character. In this method, the shape and the length of the little finger are both taken into consideration. The length of the finger is determined by its position in relation to the ring finger.

Have a look at your little finger and determine which of the following descriptions best suits you. Then, read the interpretation below to learn what this method reveals about your specific case and decide if it is true.

  1. Length


  • Short

You have a short little finger if its tip doesn’t reach the top joint of your ring finger as shown in the picture.

According to this method, having a short little finger usually means that you are shy and reserved, especially around people you don’t really know. You are a huge dreamer and you have so many goals, but you are simply afraid to do achieve them. Nevertheless, people with short little fingers have big hearts and kind souls, and therefore can achieve whatever they want in life if they simply dare.


  • Even

You have an even little finger if its top is nearly the same height as the top knuckle of your ring finger.

People with even little fingers have a balanced, mature personality. They cannot be easily upset and they rarely stress out. Nevertheless, it often happens that other people consider them cold, distant, and dispassionate due to these traits. Once people get to know them well, they reveal their inner warmth and amazing personality.


  • Long

A long little finger means that your finger exceeds the top knuckle of your ring finger.

This reveals your charming and sociable personality. You are very charismatic, passionate and enthusiastic. However, even though your personality is generally considered amazing, it also often makes people take you more lightly and you need to prove your trustworthiness to them. Also, people with long little fingers are attention-seekers and a magnet for others.


  • Low Positioned

Take a look at your palm and your fingers. Is the base of your fingers forming a gentle semicircle? If the root of your little finger is set much lower than the roots of the other fingers, then you have a low-set little finger.

In palmistry, the little finger is frequently associated with dreams and ambitions for the future. Having a low-set little finger may mean that you live in a dream world and that you have so many plans and ambitions, but oftentimes, it is difficult for you to accomplish them in real life.


  • Same Length

In most people, the little finger is smaller than the ring finger. However, there are some exceptions who have a little finger the same length as their ring finger, or sometimes even longer.

Usually people who have a little finger the same length as their ring finger are ambitious, free, driven and power-hungry individuals. They are likely to become politicians, presidents, celebrities, or CEOs, as these people are very influential and have the will to change the world. However, although they can be of great help and benefit to people, they can also cause huge problems as well.

  1. Shape


  • Square Shape

If the tip of your little finger is flat and resembles a rectangle, it means that your finger is square.

People with square little fingers possess some amazing and rare qualities and traits. They are often extremely blunt and direct, which is both their strength and weakness. Due to their frankness, it is hard for them to connect with people who are very sensitive and easily offended. However, being completely honest and direct always wins them trust. People with this type of little finger are usually considered good, reluctant leaders.


  • Spiky

If your little finger appears to lean on either side toward a higher juncture at the center, then you have a spiky finger.

People with pointed little fingers are typically excellent public speakers and phenomenal in public performances. They are also good at writing and tend to be eloquent, yet great diplomats. Also, they are good at learning foreign languages, and are capable of dealing with any type of problem with delicacy and tact. They pair well with square-tipped little fingers.


  • Curved

If your little finger seems to be curving toward or away from your other fingers, then you have a curved or crooked little finger.

Those who have such little fingers are often afraid of confronting their problems. Nevertheless, in most cases, this means that these people are great pacifists and indicates their desire to make peace. Usually, people with curved little fingers are deal-makers, peacemakers, and those who help to restore the connection between disconnected people.


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