Have you ever tried a glass of “golden milk?” The name of this beverage implies its rich yellow color as well as its magnificent healing power. It is prepared with herbs and spices combined with coconut oil and milk, and it makes a true, delicious health booster.

This beverage can be consumed at any given time, however, to reap the most benefits, it is suggested that you drink it either first thing in the morning, or right before bed. It helps your liver detoxify itself, so you will no longer wake up tired and moody.

Golden milk, also known as ‘Haldi ka doodh’ or turmeric milk, is in fact a popular Ayurvedic recipe used as a natural treatment for various health issues, including high blood sugar and inflammation, as well as for complete body detox.

Tasty and creamy, this turmeric beverage is highly beneficial for your health in so many ways. For this reason, we are going to tell you how to prepare it, step by step.

The main and most potent ingredient of this recipe is definitely the turmeric. This bright yellow Indian spice abounds with healing and medicinal properties, making it one of the healthiest spices on earth. Other ingredients include coconut oil, coconut milk, ginger root, and black pepper. They all offer amazing health benefits and thus contribute to the effectiveness of this beverage in the treatment of numerous health problems. Also, you’ve got honey as an optional ingredient, so feel free to add it to your milk if you like it sweet.

Traditionally, people prepare and consume this beverage like a usual glass of warm milk. Nevertheless, you can also use this mixture in teas, soups, pastes, and meals.

In order to help you understand how this beverage works and why it is so healthy, we will first introduce you to the main properties of each of the ingredients contained in it.

Turmeric: Thanks to its active compound curcumin, this spice promotes general health, while its potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties help relieve inflammation in the case of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Furthermore, turmeric has been found to be a powerful remedy against joint and muscle pain, arthritis, various skin conditions, liver disease, gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory illnesses, among others.

Moreover, this healthy spice has also been shown to help in the treatment of allergies and intolerances, cure depression, prevent degenerative cognitive illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, reduce and control blood sugar, cleanse the liver from environmental toxins by neutralizing free radicals, and even help in the treatment of various cancers.

Coconut Oil: This amazing oil will benefit your body both from within and without. It will improve your immune function, promote digestion, aid in weight loss, prevent liver and kidney disease, keep your skin moisturized, and heal wounds effectively.

Coconut Milk: This non-dairy alternative is rich in healthy nutrients, including magnesium, vitamin B, electrolytes, and fatty acids, which help alleviate joint pain, control blood sugar, and prevent weight gain.

Ginger: This root has been widely used as a spice and herbal medicine for thousands of years due to its potent antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, antiseptic, and medicinal properties. It effectively treats menstrual cramps, combats nausea, relieves cold symptoms, improves digestion, and regulates blood sugar.

Black Pepper: Added to almost every recipe you can think of, black pepper is such an incredible spice. Since it enhances the absorption of turmeric, this recipe wouldn’t be as effective without it. Besides that, this spice also promotes digestion, fights free radicals, treats anemia, and soothes cold symptoms.

Honey: Oftentimes referred to as “liquid gold,” honey has excellent antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of common colds and allergies, and at the same time it relaxes the body and induces sleep.

As you can see, this “golden milk” might be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet!

Here’s how to prepare it:

Golden Milk Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder (or 1-inch piece of fresh turmeric root)
  • ¼ – ½ -inch piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and grated (if you decide to use ginger powder, 1 tbsp. of fresh ginger is equal to ¼ tsp. of ground ginger)
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 cups of coconut milk (other non-dairy alternatives can be used instead as well)
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of raw, organic honey (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon ( optional)


Add all the above ingredients into a saucepan and mix to combine.  Then, heat up the mixture for about 5 minutes, without boiling. Your beverage is ready for consumption!

Avoid using dairy milk as it may lead to numerous health issues, including breathing problems, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, acne, lactose intolerance, hives, and eczema.

By consuming this beverage in the morning, on an empty stomach, or right before going to bed, you will help your body to detoxify itself easier, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and experience numerous other health benefits.


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